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Products & Services

1. Data processed by “BerryLan”

The “BerryLan” app process the following information and exchange it between itself and the target operating system running on an embedded device ("box" for short):

  • Personal data and configuration data provided by you, including:
    • WiFi access data
    • Device names
  • Bluetooth pairing information and other control data to establish connections between devices
  • Your IP address
  • Technical device data

2. Interaction with the box operating system:

When a connection is established with such products, “BerryLan” only provides the access data required to establish the connection.

We have no influence on the processing of personal data by third-party providers of such products. Please consult the data protection guideline of the respective third party in this regard.

3. Use and dissemination of data

Personal data are used and disseminated exclusively for the purpose of operating and maintaining the “BerryLan” product.

3.1. Operation of the “BerryLan” product

The personal data listed below are used as follows for the operation of the “BerryLan” product:

WiFi access data:
WiFi access data are recorded for the integration of the box in a WiFi and stored on the box
Bluetooth pairing information:
To establish connections between the mobile unit and the box, pairing information is exchanged and stored in the box for subsequent connections.
Crash information:
The “BerryLan” app can provide functionality that, in case of a crash, automatically generates and sends a report describing when and why the crash occurred. No personal data is involved here.

3.2. Other processing of data

There is no transmission of personal data.

4. Amendment of the data privacy statement

We reserve the right to update or amend this data privacy statement. This is not associated with a restriction of your rights. If adjustments associated with your rights become necessary for technical, organizational, or legal reasons, we will obtain your consent.

5. Information according to Section 34 BDSG

To obtain information about your personal data that is stored, please get in touch with:

nymea GmbH
High Tech Campus Vienna, Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 10, 1100 Wien AUSTRIA
T +43 (0) 720 230010

Please note that we are obligated to verify your legitimization before providing information. We therefore need a photocopy of a valid identification document to respond to your request for information.